“Winner of the most side-splitting performance of the night though has to go to Big Chief Random Chaos – he does what it says on the tin. Picture an obese man in a cow print outfit galloping around stage. Then picture him setting fire to himself with a huge maniacal grin, like all his Christmases have come at once. If that doesn’t have you howling in laughter, I honestly don’t know what will.” 

London Festival Fringe

A tough number to follow, but there’s little that could prepare you for Big Chief Random Chaos’s series of extravagant antics. There’s interpretive dance. There’s nipple-touching. There’s popcorn. And there’s one very scared audience member sitting onstage. What else to expect from a lunatic who sets his hair on fire every time he performs? You don’t just put the Chief on in your show – you unleash him.


But the Twisted show could not exist without the freakiest character of all…! ……….Big Chief Random Chaos is certainly chaotic, loud, bonkers and daring all the way…!

An entertainer who has us on the edge of our seat, never knowing what is coming next…! No wonder he took the crown tonight…! Freaky? Absolutely… but showbusiness, all the way…!


Just as we thought the stage couldn’t get any hotter, in comes Big Chief Random Chaos…! His signature act, the one that won him first place at the Burlesque Games in May at Madame Jojo’s, was still a great piece of entertainment. One that filled the room with laughter, screams, disbelief and a crowd clapping hilariously…! If anyone wants to see a burlesque variety act with much ingenuity, this is one! His bottom spanked, on fire, and sado masochism thrown into the act, he set his mohican on fire; nobody expected such madness… Big Chief delivered, once again, an entertaining act with brilliance… Chaos by name, great entertainer by nature…!


Big Chief Random Chaos was born out of the 90’s Dublin Dance Scene. His own brand of freak out visual weirdness and slap stick humor has both thrilled and dismayed audiences for the past twenty years. His is a gorgeous half man, half woman, half fish.
BigChief RandomChaos